about t j j

about t j j
I cannot give you any 'modern-artisitic' rigmarole about searching for meanings, exposing wrongs, being a conduit for emotions and such. I paint because it is such good, challenging fun! Nothing more.

Although gaining an NDD in Graphic design and spending forty years as a commercial artist my working life did not lead to much picture making. I was really more of a typographer, paste-up-er, layout-er and from 1987 an Apple Mac Driver.

So, I am in truth a self-taught picture maker starting with watercolour, moving to pastel, then acrylics and now venturing into oils. I hope you like what you see.

Sorry that so many of the pictures are already sold. (Not sorry really, am I?) I will add more for sale as they are produced.

If you like anything here please get in touch via the site. I am happy to send larger JPEGs if you need them and generally talk about my work or a specific picture.



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